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Aphrodisiac Cocktail

  Are you familiar with the Nationale IQ Test? Now there is a Nationale Sekstest! A knowledge test on RTL5 about sex and sexuality, where tonight I’m shaking up some aphrodisiac cocktails for eight Dutch superstars! My assignment was to create a drink for the competitors that would boost their sex drive and get the drinker Read More

‘Jasmine Green Tea’ tea cocktail

KoffieTcacao is a Dutch magazine which writes about all aspects of the coffee, tea & cocoa biz. I’ve created five cocktail recipes for Dilmah including their tea’s and hosted a photoshoot for this magazine.


Here you can read the English translation of the Jasmine Green Tea recipe, or discover one of the other tea cocktails:


  • 45 ml Tanqueray gin
  • 1 tea bag of Dilmah Fragrant Jasmine Green Tea
  • 30 ml fresh lime juice
  • 15 ml elderflower syrup
  • 100 ml tonic
  • 1 lime wedge
  • 1 cucumber slice
  • < Read More

How to (safely) make homemade Tonic Water


Homemade Tonic Water

These days everybody is making homemade tonic water. Unfortunately, this is quite a tricky job because making tonic water involves using cinchona bark. As you might know, cinchona bark consists of quinine, which is toxic. Read More