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How to Make a Negroni


Need a nice, slightly bitter aperitivo style drink? This classic Negroni recipe is exactly what you are looking for!

The internet is full of classic cocktail recipes and they vary so much from each other. That’s why I decided to start publishing my cocktail recipes online and show you how to make these tasty drinks though a series of cocktail tutorial videos on my ‘tessposthumus’ YouTube Channel.

Read here how you could easily create this classic Negroni cocktail at home! Read More

Aphrodisiac Cocktail

  Are you familiar with the Nationale IQ Test? Now there is a Nationale Sekstest! A knowledge test on RTL5 about sex and sexuality, where tonight I’m shaking up some aphrodisiac cocktails for eight Dutch superstars! My assignment was to create a drink for the competitors that would boost their sex drive and get the drinker Read More

What is Genever?

Jenever assortiment

Genever has been produced in Holland for over 400 years and could be seen as the ancestor of gin. Today, genever is often seen as the drink of the elderly, something only your grandfather will enjoy. I think this product deserves more appreciation, which is why I’ve started writing a book on this traditional Dutch spirit. In this article I give you a little sneak preview of my upcoming ‘Dutch Courage’ book, explaining what genever exactly is, and how you can make three tasty cocktails with it.

Hooghoudt Distilleerketel Grietje

Simply put, genever is made out of three components; malt wine, alcohol and water.

The first ingredient, the malt wine is made from grains such as wheat, rye and corn. The big difference between genever and the gin in your G&T is the addition of this malt wine. The recipe for malt wine was passed on from father to son and it forms the heart of the genever. It gives genever its flavour and character and it is something the British were unable to replicate. Read More