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Cocktails met Tess

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‘Kopstootjes’ with Dee Ann Quinones

Sipping genever in Amsterdam


‘Kopstootjes’ at Wynand Fockink

A couple years ago I’ve met Dee Ann Quinones on Dam Square in Amsterdam. She was working as a bartender at 69 Colebrooke Row in London at the time and visited Amsterdam for the weekend. I met up with her and showed her one of my favourite Dutch spots, Wynand Fockink. This small genever and liqueur distillery has been there for ages and it includes a tasting room. Located just behind Dam Square, this time-worn bar is thé place to give the traditional Dutch kopstootje a try. A kopstootje is a small glass of genever with a draft beer on the side, which you sip with your hands behind your back. After the first sip, you are allowed to use your hands though. But enough about genever, let’s get to Dee’s Q&A! Read More

Nicole Barker, The US Mixing Star 2014

Disaronno The Mixing Star 2014


Nicole Barker during The Mixing Star 2014

The lady bartender I’m introducing to you in this article was introduced to me last summer in Sicily, Italy. Nicole Barker won the national finals of Disaronno The Mixing Star 2014 for the USA. The year before, I was the lucky bastard who’d won the international finals of this cocktail competition and for the 2014 edition, all winners got to get on this lovely trip to Sicily. Including the ex-global-winner, lucky little me.

That trip happened to include my birthday and Nicole and her husband made sure the spontaneous pool party wasn’t excluding a healthy dose of Disaronno cocktails. She’s a very fun bartender but also has a serious side as the President of the USBG in Reno. Let’s see what she’s all about, shall we. Read More

Meet Grazia Di Franco, a lovely bartender in Rome

Magic at Mo.Wa

Grazia Di Franco and Tess Posthumus

Mo.Wa with Grazia Di Franco

The first lady bartender who I wanted to introduce to you is Grazia Di Franco. I’ve met this talented lady for the first time while I was in the south of Italy, in a place called Marina di Ravenna.

Jimmy Bertazzoli invited Timo Janse and myself to do a guestbartending shift at Mo.Wa, his caipirinha-loving cocktailbar. Grazia showed us where we could find all the ingredients, Timo and me were just playing around behind the bar while making some of our signature drinks, and Jimmy drank them all. Read More

There’s no Mexican Movie Night without Margarita Sours

Magic Margaritas Sours

Just the other week, I found myself on the couch together with my girlfriend, craving Mexican food and Margaritas. Back when we were in Bali, we’ve tried lots and lots of different Margarita cocktails and once home, I tried to fine tune my signature Margarita recipe. What I ended up doing was actually making a combination of a classic Margarita and a sour, so let’s just call it a Margarita Sour 😉


Margarita Sour Cocktails

Margarita Sour cocktails

  • 60ml 100% agave tequila, preferably reposado tequila.
  • 30ml Cointreau
  • 30ml fresh lime juice
  • 1 egg white
  • dash Gaz Regan’s orange bitters
  • sea salt flakes
  • 1 orange zest
  • optional: 10ml agave syrup
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Chocolate Rummm

Snowstorm in NYC

While my friends in America are freezing their tits off, things aren’t that much better here in Amsterdam. There is no snow but the view might be even more depressing. Rain, alternated with hail, and bicycles blown away due to the strong winds.

To keep you nice and warm these winter days, I’ve made you a very easy recipe for Chocolate Rummm. Yes, with the extra m, because it’s yummy 😉

‘Chocolate Rummm’ Recipe

To prepare 2 serves of this hot choco for adults, you’ll need the following. Read More