Month: January 2015

Chocolate Rummm

Snowstorm in NYC

While my friends in America are freezing their tits off, things aren’t that much better here in Amsterdam. There is no snow but the view might be even more depressing. Rain, alternated with hail, and bicycles blown away due to the strong winds.

To keep you nice and warm these winter days, I’ve made you a very easy recipe for Chocolate Rummm. Yes, with the extra m, because it’s yummy 😉

‘Chocolate Rummm’ Recipe

To prepare 2 serves of this hot choco for adults, you’ll need the following. Read More

Under Construction

The blog part of this website is unfortunately still under construction. Please check back in a day or two. Thank you! Read More

Horecava 2015 – Dilmah

Yesterday was the first day of Horecava 2015 in Amsterdam. This convention is held every year at Amsterdam Rai and is aimed at the Dutch hospitality industry. It covers anything from fancy fridges to gluten free sandwiches and the latest alcoholic inventions, this year from the 12th of January till the 15th. The recent years Read More

Dutch Courage

While writing my masters thesis for Sociology, I’ve collected a lot of information on genever which I couldn’t use in my research. I’d like to share this information with you and discover a lot more together. In this ‘Genever Journey’ category, I’ll explore the different types and brands of genever which are available to us Read More

Speed Rack & lovely lady bartenders

This part of the blog will focus on female bartenders and a competition called Speed Rack.  I’ll soon explain what this competition is all about and how I’ll be trying to get this competition to the Benelux. Or maybe even Western Europe. Keep a close eye on this ‘Lady Bartenders’ category. Girls from all around Read More