Tess Posthumus

Tess Posthumus

Tess Posthumus is a multi-awarded bartender & bar owner based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Next to being the (co-)owner of Flying Dutchmen Cocktails, Perfect Serve Barshow, Amsterdam Cocktail Week, Difford’s Guide Netherlands and The Collection by Tess Posthumus bar tools, as a hospitality consultant she is responsible for NH Collection The Tailor & VANE Skybar, and the author of Cocktails met Tess and Masterclass: Cocktails. Tess writes monthly for Delicious and More Than Drinks magazine, and is working on her new book ‘Dutch Courage’. This third book is all about the traditional spirit of the Netherlands: genever.

Find more information about Tess and her projects on this website, or follow her adventures on instagram, facebook & youtube.

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Over ten years ago I fell in love with the magical world of cocktails and I’d love to share my experiences with you. Follow my journey, discover new flavours and revisit the old ones.

Proost, Tess!
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